"A glance at the world through my lens"

«Creating eternal moments«


"My photographic service is a commitment to capture special moments and create images that tell stories. With an artistic focus and meticulous focus on details, I strive to offer you a unique and personalized photographic experience. Don't worry if you find it difficult to pose or if you think you shouldn't do a session because you won't know what to do, I promise you are not the only person who has felt this way, but I am here to help you. I provide you with a full process including clothing suggestions, colors, places, etc. so that together we can find your essence, what you are and we can transmit that message you want through photography. I am here to guide you throughout the entire process and help you feel comfortable during our session.


My professional video services offer a captivating and dynamic way of telling stories, capturing special moments, and transmitting impactful messages. With a combination of creativity, technical abilities, and state-of-the-art equipment, I am devoted to providing high-quality video productions that fit your needs and goals. From promotional and corporation videos to event coverage and documentaries, my video service caters to a wide range of industries and needs. I work diligently with my clients to understand their vision and objectives and utilize my experience in directing, cinematography, and editing to create videos that captivate audiences and create a lasting impact. My process begins with a consultation to discuss your requirements and elaborate a detailed plan for your project. Whether you need a video to present your products and services, transmit the spirit of your brand, or document an important event, I take care of all aspects, from planning and shooting to post-production and editing. Allow me to give your vision life and tell your story in a unique and attractive way. With my video services, I can help you stand out from the crowd, get your message across effectively, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. ! Discover how the power of video can take your business event to the next level!


In my photographic services for events, it's my passion to capture the essence and the emotion of every special moment. Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, a conference, or any other type of event, I'm here to document every moment and create unforgettable memories. I specialize in capturing the energy and the joy of events, using an artistic focus with technique to create images that tell a story. From the preparation and details to the shared laughs and emotional moments, my goal is to capture every significant moment and preserve it forever. I know the importance of discretion and spontaneity in event photography. I work in a discrete manner, without interrupting the flow of the event to capture authentic and natural images. I also make sure to capture all details that make your event unique, from decoration and environment to the gestures and emotional expressions. I understand that every event is different and has its own needs and requirements. Therefore, I am committed to working closely with you to understand your expectations and visions for the photography service. I want you to feel comfortable and certain that I will capture the most important moments at your event in the way you wish. My service of event photography includes the professional editing of the selected images ensuring that each photo is of the highest quality and highlights the beauty and emotion of the moment. Trust in me to capture the special moments of your event and transform them and everlasting memories. My objective is to surpass your expectations and give you an exceptional photographic service that makes you relive those moments over and over again. Allow me to be part of your event and capture the magic in every image. ! Contact me and discover how we can immortalize your event in a unique way!

About me

Hello! I am Angel Izaguirre. Let me tell you a little about myself!

I am from Honduras and came to the United States a few years ago. I am a very optimistic person with a passion for sports, CrossFit, and soccer. So believe me, I love to be competitive and always strive for more trying to be the best in whatever I do.

I have taken that to my field of photography in a healthy way, competing with myself to be better every day.

I truly love photography, Every time I have my camera at hand, I like to think that there is a moment, a second, a magical clic out there waiting for the right moment to be captured. I see the world through my lens, I don’t just see the person in front of me, I see the sunlight, the surroundings, and the breeze in their hair and I let my imagination run wild to find that perfect photo that is there waiting to be discovered! 

I carry photography with me as a lifestyle, as something with which I identify and the art through which I can your hearts, and thus go around creating eternal moments….


No matter your question or concern, dont hesitate to contact me. I await your message….